Gillian Best Powell


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Traditionally trained in drawing and oil painting at the Atelier Egardo Ribeiro in Uruguay, where she was born and grew up, Gillian studied Fine Art at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA before moving to London and founding Cor Blimey Arts and Core Gallery.  In 2012 she partnered with Nolia Devlin (Nolias Gallery, Nolias 11 Jazz Club) to organise and curate exhibitions.  Gillian was in a studio at APT in Deptford, and worked as an artist.  Details at

Sadly, Gillian died in July 2016.  She died peacefully in her sleep.

Gillian is remembered and missed by all of us involved in 5 Women About Love – and by her many other friends – with love.  She gave us all her kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, friendship – and her great sense of fun.